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update 1
Sunday, June 17, 2012 | 11:30 AM | 2 comments

doin' fine so far. .life treat me sohoooo well i guess. . -.-
updating my blog since its been left for no reason . have no crap to tell. and i'm sure this entry will be blast with ramble overall. like seriously. duhh

i'm trying to be good  .
no bad word(s) ;harsh
no cursing .
no drug. *typo. i mean sugar. probably can makes people to be hypo. so obviously no good.

and also i start to talk *peacefully* with my so-called-old-memoria
by havin' a healthy conversation as well.
yaa know. healthy conversation where there's no hard feelings between you two. and thanks God i pass =P

i've been jumped here and there. .
and keep stalking now and then,
till i saw this quote a few past.

" I am single but not available. having a long distance relationship; which my soul-der live peacefully there in the future."

walahhh !

jaw drop

fall with this quote already maa.
alright dude-bratz-or-apa-apa-je
till here.

laugh till death.
smile till *put your awesome word by your self*

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